15 Seasons

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  • 5 Min Meditation For Managing Hot Flashes

    Episode 1

    A relaxing meditation to soothe hot flashes and reduce menopause stress.

    ☑ Improved Resilience
    ☑ Balanced Symptoms
    ☑ Reduced Stress

    ✎ Learn The Science: Studies have shown the meditation can enhance the sleep quality of those experiencing hot flashes, and can even reduce the intensity or freque...

  • 5 Min Meditation for Menopause Relief

    Episode 2

    Empower yourself with a guided meditation for symptom management and relaxation.

    ☑ Increased Inner Peace
    ☑ Reduced Tension
    ☑ Symptom Management Skills

    ✎ Learn The Science: Researchers found women with higher mindfulness scores had fewer menopausal symptoms.

  • 10 Min Meditation For Loving Kindness

    Episode 3

    A heart-opening meditation designed to cultivate giving, receiving, and acting in love.

    ☑ Boosted Kindness
    ☑ Improved Relationships
    ☑ Enhanced Loving Mood

    ✎ Learn The Science: Research has shown that loving-kindness meditations can reduce self-criticism, quiet our inner critic, and make us more...

  • 20 Min Calming Meditation

    Episode 4

    Channel your inner calming light with this meditation designed to reduce stress and foster peace.

    ☑ Improved Mood
    ☑ Reduced Stress
    ☑ Increased Inner Peace

    ✎ Learn The Science: Research indicates that even brief daily meditation sessions, such as 15 minutes, can lead to measurable improvements i...

  • 10 Min Recharging Meditation For Energy

    Episode 5

    Energize your mind and body with this revitalizing visualization meditation.

    ☑ Enhanced Energy
    ☑ Improved Mood
    ☑ Boosted Clarity

    ✎ Learn The Facts: Adding visualization into your meditation practice allows you to direct your mind towards a series of favorable outcomes, while relaxing with confi...

  • 5 Min Breathing For Stress Relief During Pregnancy

    Episode 6

    Learn calming breathing techniques for pregnancy that alleviate stress and promote relaxation.

    ☑ Reduced Anxiety
    ☑ Improved Relaxation
    ☑ Enhanced Pain Management

    ✎ Learn The Science: Studies indicate that practicing controlled breathing can lead to reductions in maternal stress, anxiety, and bl...

  • 5 Min Bedtime Meditation For Kids

    Episode 7

    Create a serene bedtime routine with our guided meditation for kids, fostering peaceful sleep, relaxation, and a tranquil transition to dreamland.

    ☑ Improved Sleep Quality
    ☑ Increased Relaxation
    ☑ Reduced Sleep Disturbances

    ✎ Learn The Science: Scientific research indicates that bedtime meditat...

  • 5 Min Chair Meditation For Kids

    Episode 8

    Nurture your child's wellbeing anywhere – at home, school, or on the go – with a soothing seated meditation fostering focus, relaxation, and mindfulness.

    ☑ Improved Emotional Regulation
    ☑ Reduced Frustration
    ☑ Boosted Self-Awareness

    ✎ Learn The Science: Research suggests that mindfulness medita...

  • 5 Min Meditation For Empowerment

    Episode 9

    Discover a reservoir of inner strength and confidence with this meditation.

    ☑ Improved Confidence
    ☑ Increased Mental Strength
    ☑ Better Productivity

    ✎ Pro Tip: In your meditation for empowerment, focus on cultivating a positive and empowering internal dialogue by consciously replacing self-limit...

  • 5 Min Affirmation Meditation

    Episode 10

    Rewire your thoughts for a mindset rooted in positivity, abundance, and self-belief.

    ☑ Reduced Stress
    ☑ Increased Positivity
    ☑ Improved Self-Esteem

    ✎ Fun Fact: Affirmation meditation is rooted in the idea that positive statements, when repeated regularly during meditation, can create a positi...

  • 5 Min Self-Compassion Meditation

    Episode 11

    Cultivate a nurturing and kind relationship with yourself.

    ☑ Improved Self-Awareness
    ☑ Increased Motivation
    ☑ Boosted Inner Peace

    ✎ Fun Fact: The concept of self-compassion in meditation has ancient roots, with mindfulness practices that promote self-kindness and understanding dating back thous...

  • 5 Min Meditation For New Beginnings

    Episode 12

    Create space for renewal with this practice that is perfect for embracing new opportunities and beginnings.

    ☑ Improved Confidence
    ☑ Enhanced Self-Awareness
    ☑ Increased Productivity

    ✎ Pro Tip: Focus on cultivating a mindset of openness and acceptance, allowing yourself to release the past and em...

  • 5 Min Meditation For Clearing

    Episode 13

    Declutter your mind, promote mental clarity, and create a space for inner peace.

    ☑ Improved Clarity
    ☑ Reduced Mental Clutter
    ☑ Revitalized Mood

    ✎ Pro Tip: Find a quiet and comfortable space, use calming background music or nature sounds, and allow yourself to let go of external distractions.

  • 5 Min Mindful Journaling For Better Sleep

    Episode 14

    Experience improved sleep with mindful journaling, as it helps declutter your mind, release worries, and foster a sense of calm before bedtime.

    ☑ Deeper Sleep
    ☑ Restored Calmness
    ☑ Revitalized Clarity

    ☾ Best used within the hour before bed.

    ✎ Learn The Science: Scientific studies have reveal...

  • 5 Min Meditation To Engage Your 5 Senses

    Episode 15

    Immerse yourself in bliss, engaging all five senses to cultivate mindfulness and find inner peace.

    ☑ Improved Awareness
    ☑ Enhanced Clarity
    ☑ Increased Presence

    ☾☼ Best used when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or to end/begin your day.

    ✎ Learn the Science: Research has demonstrated that ...

  • 5 Min Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Sleep

    Episode 16

    Learn powerful techniques to release tension and achieve a state of deep relaxation, paving the way for a peaceful and restful night's sleep.

    ☑ Released Muscle Tension
    ☑ Enhanced Relaxation
    ☑ Revitalized Movement

    ☾ Best used within the hour before bed.

    ✎ Learn the Science: Progressive Muscle ...

  • 5 Min Guided Visualization Meditation For Restful Sleep

    Episode 17

    Embark on a tranquil journey, melting away the day's worries and paving the way for restful sleep, promoting a deeper sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

    ☑ Increased Clarity
    ☑ Deeper Sleep
    ☑ Decreased Disturbances

    ☾ Best used within the hour before bed.

    ✎ Learn the Science: Research studie...

  • 5 Min Affirmations For Sleep

    Episode 18

    Practice calming and reassuring statements to quiet the mind and promote a restful night's sleep.

    ☑ Improved Sleep Quality
    ☑ Enhanced Relaxation
    ☑ Revitalized Peace

    ☾ Best used within the hour before bed.

    ✎ Learn the Science: Research studies have shown that incorporating positive affirmation...

  • 5 Min Daily Rise Meditation

    Episode 19

    Kick start your day with a quick meditation. Give yourself a boost of energy and activate your mind and body.

    ☑ Improved Energy
    ☑ Increased Focus
    ☑ Revitalized Clarity

    ☼ Best used when you wake up, or whenever you need a 5 min energizing break.

    ✎ Learn The Science: Morning meditation can enh...

  • 10 Min Sleep Better

    Episode 20

    Enjoy a soothing and meditative journey to sleep, allowing your mind and body to find tranquility and peace. Through guided relaxation techniques, you will learn to let go of outside worries and release the accumulated tension of the day.

    ☑ Improved Sleep Quality
    ☑ Boosted Relaxation and Calmnes...

  • 5 Min Music For Letting Go Of Denial

    Episode 21

    Tune into your body and allow for reflection upon acceptance while unwinding and releasing thoughts of denial through this calming music.

    ☑ Improved Resilience
    ☑ Rejuvenated Stability
    ☑ Decreased Denial

    ☾ ☼ Best used when you are facing denial, or whenever you have a 5 minute break.

    ✎ FAQ
    Q: H...

  • 5 Min Music For Loneliness Relief

    Episode 22

    Focus on your breath and tap into your emotions by following along in this music to dive into the idea of oneness and explore the opposites of being alone.

    ☑ Improved Strength
    ☑ Rejuvenated Stability
    ☑ Decreased Loneliness

    ☾ ☼ Best used when you are feeling lonely, or whenever you have a 5 minu...

  • 5 Min Music For Developing Trust & Releasing Worry

    Episode 23

    Allow the power of sound healing to reduce feelings of worry and concern while boosting internal trust.

    ☑ Improved Trust
    ☑ Rejuvenated Stability
    ☑ Decreased Worry

    ☾ ☼ Best used when you are feeling worried, or whenever you have a 5 minute break.

    ✎ Learn the Science: Studies have demonstrated ...

  • 5 Min Music For Building Courage & Releasing Fear

    Episode 24

    Follow along with Julius in exploring the positive effects of music that will help you release fear and build courage.

    ☑ Improved Courage
    ☑ Rejuvenated Stability
    ☑ Decreased Fear

    ☾ ☼ Best used when you are feeling fearful, desiring courage, or whenever you have a 5 minute break.

    ✎ Learn the Sc...