Transform Your Wellness

Transform Your Wellness

4 Seasons

Marshall University has partnered with Caravan Wellness to help provide students with top-tier health, fitness and wellness classes that will fit easily into your busy schedules and help become your happiest and healthiest self!

This month, Caravan welcomes you to join us in starting the new semester off by focusing on mindfulness, movement, & positivity. Join us throughout each day in quick, but effective videos that will help work and strengthen your mind, body, and soul. Through this program, you will find yourself with a clear mind, high energy levels, and feelings of strength that you have never felt before. Log on, grab a friend, and let’s move!

MORNING POSITIVITY - Implement mindfulness and movement into your morning routine. Soon you will feel motivated and energized even before your morning coffee!
MIDDAY TENSION RELEASE - Taking some time to check in with yourself through mindfulness and movement. Engaging in these movements will help rejuvenate your mind and body which will help you finish your day out strong!
MINDFULNESS AT WORK - Try these seated practices to combat Zoom fatigue and increase productivity at work.
RELAX AND UNWIND - After a long day of working hard, your body will need some extra love in order to be able to fully recharge yourself for tomorrow. Our relax and unwind series will guide you through a range of techniques that will help relieve and restore your body in order for a good night’s sleep.

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Transform Your Wellness
  • 10 Min Sit Well

    Episode 1

    Calm the fluctuations of your mind by simply focusing on how you sit. Establish an easy sitting posture that will let the flow of energy move throughout your body freely and establish a sense of clarity. Take a quick break with several of our effective techniques that can be done anywhere.

    ☑ Imp...

  • 10 Min Release Tension

    Episode 2

    Sitting at your desk all day? Try this stretch whenever you feel like you've been sitting for too long or just feel like you need a little break to destress.

    ☑ Improved Mood
    ☑ Better Mindset
    ☑ Reduced Tension

    ☾ ☼ Best used as a morning or afternoon practice, or whenever you have a 10 min break....

  • 10 Min Mindfulness At Work

    Episode 3

    Many of us tend to operate on autopilot at work. Studies have found that taking a minute to reflect and being consciously focused can help you become more productive and improve your performance at work. This class will give you the essential tools you need to combat fatigue, increase resilience,...

  • 10 Min Energy At Work

    Episode 4

    Looking to overcome the midday slump? Instead of grabbing for a coffee, try this! Get a boost of energy from this amazing chair stretch session.

    ☑ Improved Posture
    ☑ Increased Mobility
    ☑ Reduced Tension

    ☾ ☼ Best used as a mid-day practice, or whenever you have a 10 min break.

    ✎ Learn The Sci...

  • 5 Min Clear Your Mind

    Episode 5

    Clear your mind using these powerful full-body techniques you can practice at your desk. In this quick session, take a moment to discover ways you can relax and refocus.

    ☑ Improved Resilience
    ☑ Better Mood
    ☑ Clearer Goals

    ☾ ☼ Best used as a morning or afternoon practice, or whenever you have a ...

  • 5 Min Healthy Back

    Episode 6

    Did you know that one of the most common causes of lower back pain is poor posture? Join us in this practice and learn how to protect your back and ease back pain.

    ☑ Improved Strength
    ☑ Decreased Tension
    ☑ Increased Mood

    ☾ ☼ Best used as a morning or evening stretch, or whenever you have a 5 mi...

  • 10 Min Releasing Back Pain

    Episode 7

    Restorative poses help release the back pain and will motivate you to engage in day to day activities. Keep a chair nearby to experience maximum impact!

    ☑ Improved Strength
    ☑ Decreased Tension
    ☑ Increased Wellbeing

    ☾ ☼ Best used as a morning or evening stretch, or whenever you have a 10 min bre...

  • 5 Min Define Confidence

    Episode 8

    Discover how to rewire your brain and take control of your self-esteem.

    ☑ Improved Self-Esteem
    ☑ Increased Positivity
    ☑ Enhanced Confidence

    ☾ ☼ Best used if you are seeking confidence, or anytime you have a 5 minute break.

    ✎ Fun Fact: As individuals engage in a task or gain experience, they ...

  • 3 Min Confidence- Emotional State

    Episode 9

    Learn how to defy self-doubt and promote confidence while using tactics to effectively communicate your own thoughts. Reduce the overbearing weight of stress.

    ☑ Reduced Stress
    ☑ Increased Confidence
    ☑ Strengthened Emotional State

    ☾ ☼ Best used if you are seeking confidence, or anytime you have ...

  • 10 Min Inner Monologue

    Episode 10

    Take control of your self-esteem and show the world what you are capable of. Learn how to appreciate yourself and create a lifestyle built on positivity and hope.

    ☑ Improved Positivity
    ☑ Renewed Self-Talk
    ☑ Strengthened Self-Love

    ☾ ☼ Best used if you are seeking confidence, or anytime you have...