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Newest Videos

Newest Videos
  • 3 Min Credit Card Management

    Master effective strategies for responsible credit card usage, debt management, and maximizing financial benefits.

    ☑ Debt Consolidation
    ☑ Improved Credit Score
    ☑ Fraud Prevention Strategies

    ✎ Learn The Science: Paying more than the minimum monthly payment can drastically reduce the time it take...

  • 3 Min Financial Tips For Buying A Home

    Learn essential financial tips and strategies to make informed decisions when buying your new home.

    ☑ Understanding Down Payments
    ☑ Reduced Unexpected Costs
    ☑ Boosted Confidence

    ✎ Learn The Science: A higher credit score can help you secure a lower interest rate, potentially saving you thousand...

  • 5 Min Teaching Children About Money

    Equip children with essential financial skills and values to navigate money responsibly and confidently in their future.

    ☑ Improved Financial Literacy
    ☑ Personal Finance Skills
    ☑ Boosted Budgeting

    ✎ Learn The Science: Studies have shown that children who receive financial education at a young a...

  • 3 Min Funding Your Children's Educational Expenses

    Learn effective tips and strategies to financially prepare for and manage the costs of your children's education.

    ☑ Improved Saving Skills
    ☑ Education Funding Options
    ☑ Reduced Financial Stress

    ✎ Learn The Science: The cost of higher education has been steadily rising, outpacing inflation. This...

  • 3 Min What Is Interest Rate?

    Learn what interest rates are and how they influence your financial decisions in everyday life, affecting everything from loans and mortgages to savings and investments.

    ☑ Informed Decision-Making
    ☑ Investment Insight
    ☑ Smart Financial Planning

    ✎ Learn The Science: Central banks around the worl...

  • 3 Min What Is Glucose?

    Discover the essential role of glucose in the body, how it fuels our cells, and its impact on overall health.

    ☑ Increased Energy Levels
    ☑ Optimized Diet
    ☑ Improved Metabolic Health

    ✎ Learn The Science: Glucose serves as the primary source of energy for the body's cells, particularly for the bra...

  • 3 Min What Is Insulin?

    Unlock the role of insulin as a key regulator of glucose metabolism and its impact on overall health.

    ☑ Improved Diabetes Management
    ☑ Disease Prevention Strategies
    ☑ Improved Metabolic Health

    ✎ Learn The Science: Insulin is a peptide hormone produced by the pancreas, which plays a crucial role...

  • 3 Min What Is Pre-Diabetes?

    Explore the early stages of diabetes development, learn about risk factors, and discover prevention strategies.

    ☑ Early Detection Strategies
    ☑ Pre-Diabetes Reversal Skills
    ☑ Lifestyle Modifications

    ✎ Learn The Science: With lifestyle changes such as improved diet, increased physical activity, a...

  • 3 Min Living With T2D

    Gain practical tools to manage Type 2 Diabetes effectively and improve your quality of life.

    ☑ Effective Lifestyle Modifications
    ☑ T2D Management Strategies
    ☑ Reduced Risk Of Complications

    ✎ Learn The Science: Adopting a lifestyle that includes at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity ...

  • 3 Min Gut Health And The Vagus Nerve

    Explore the intricate connection between gut health and the vagus nerve, uncovering how nurturing your gut can positively influence wellbeing.

    ☑ Enhanced Digestive Health:
    ☑ Reduced Anxiety
    ☑ Improved Immune Function

    ✎ Learn The Science: Scientific studies have revealed that the vagus nerve ser...

  • 3 Min Understanding Intermittent Fasting

    Learn the principles and benefits of intermittent fasting, and how to implement it effectively into your lifestyle.

    ☑ Improved Metabolic Health
    ☑ Increased Blood Glucose Control
    ☑ Reduced Blood Pressure

    ✎ Learn The Science: Scientific studies have shown that intermittent fasting can induce vari...

  • 3 Min Understanding The Keto Diet

    Dive into the science and practical applications of the ketogenic diet and it's popular variants.

    ☑ Improved Weight Management
    ☑ Increased Mental Clarity
    ☑ Blood Sugar Control

    ✎ Learn The Science: Scientific research has demonstrated that the ketogenic diet can lead to significant reductions in...

  • 3 Min What Is Heart Failure?

    Explore the types and stages of heart failure, understanding its progression and implications for management and treatment.

    ☑ Comprehensive Understanding
    ☑ Symptom Management
    ☑ Types & Stages Of Heart Failure

    ✎ Learn The Science: Common risk factors include hypertension, coronary artery disease...

  • 3 Min Symptoms And Signs Of Heart Failure

    Learn about the common signs and symptoms of heart failure, including the 5 early warning signs.

    ☑ Increased Symptom Awareness
    ☑ Early Detection Strategies
    ☑ Improved Heart Health

    ✎ Learn The Science: Heart failure can also be detected through clinical signs such as an enlarged heart on imaging...

  • 3 Min Causes & Risk Factors For Heart Failure

    Dive into understanding the causes behind heart failure, ranging from lifestyle factors to medical conditions, and explore the multitude of risk factors that contribute to its development.

    ☑ Increased Symptom Awareness
    ☑ Reduced Risk Of Disease
    ☑ Improved Heart Health

    ✎ Learn The Science: Chron...

  • 3 Min What Is Heart Disease?

    Discover the fundamentals of heart disease, including its causes, symptoms, and preventive measures.

    ☑ Improved Heart Health
    ☑ Increased Awareness
    ☑ Symptom Management Strategies

    ✎ Learn The Science: Regular monitoring of key indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood suga...

  • 3 Min Types Of Heart Disease

    Discover the diverse spectrum of heart diseases, understanding their distinct characteristics.

    ☑ Improved Heart Health
    ☑ Increased Awareness
    ☑ Reduced Risk Of Disease

    ✎ Learn The Science: Inflammation plays a significant role in the development and progression of various cardiovascular conditio...

  • 3 Min Risk Factors And Prevention Of Heart Disease

    Explore the key risk factors associated with heart disease and learn evidence-based prevention strategies to promote heart health and overall wellbeing.

    ☑ Lifestyle Modification
    ☑ Increased Early Detection
    ☑ Risk Factor Awareness

    ✎ Learn The Science: Regular physical activity has been shown to...

  • 3 Min Diagnostic Tests For Heart Disease

    Discover the essential diagnostic tests used to identify heart disease.

    ☑ Improved Health Management
    ☑ Increased Awareness
    ☑ Boosted Confidence

    ✎ Learn The Science: Advancements in medical imaging techniques, such as cardiac MRI and CT angiography, have significantly improved the accuracy and n...

  • 5 Min T.L.C. For Older Moms

    Support and guidance tailored to older mothers navigating the challenges and joys of parenting.

    ☑ Enhanced Support
    ☑ Empowered Decision-Making
    ☑ Boosted Awareness

    ✎ Learn The Science: Studies have found that children born to older mothers tend to have better language skills, higher academic ach...

  • 3 Min Parenting Your Grandchildren

    Empowering grandparents with practical tools and emotional support to navigate the unique journey of raising grandchildren.

    ☑ Enhanced Emotional Support
    ☑ Increased Caregiver Confidence
    ☑ Improved Resilience

    ✎ Learn The Facts: Many grandparents who take on the role of raising their grandchildre...

  • 5 Min Setting Boundaries At Work And Home

    Learn practical strategies for setting healthy boundaries and confidently balancing responsibilities at work and home.

    ☑ Enhanced Work-Life Balance
    ☑ Increased Confidence
    ☑ Reduced Burnout

    ✎ Learn The Facts: Learning to establish and maintain boundaries effectively can help regulate stress horm...

  • 5 Min Importance Of Mental Rest

    Discover the vital role of mental rest and effective strategies to rejuvenate your mind for enhanced productivity and wellbeing.

    ☑ Improved Cognitive Function
    ☑ Reduced Stress and Anxiety
    ☑ Increased Productivity

    ✎ Learn The Science: Mental rest promotes neural repair and regeneration, contribu...

  • 5 Min Supporting Others Through Grief And Loss

    Gain essential skills and compassionate strategies to provide meaningful support to loved ones navigating grief and loss.

    ☑ Enhanced Empathy
    ☑ Strengthened Relationships
    ☑ Increased Support Network

    ✎ Learn The Science: Research indicates that individuals who receive adequate social support duri...